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The amount, so far, collected is utilized for partial payment of raw land while on receipt of installments, the balance amount of land is to be paid for provision of land.
The $45 million-dollar purchase by Mark IV represents a $10,981 price-per-acre, far higher than the $1,573 per-acre price in the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center and is representative of the increasing demand for raw land in Northern Nevada.
With the first money he ever made, working on one of his father's films in 1966, he bought 70 acres of raw land in Vermont, which he still owns.
'Megaworld has secured significant coverage of raw land in areas where we want to be in.
It has disbursed nearly P6 billion for its residential developments and for acquisition of raw land.
The bureau has asked them to explain under what 'formula' they got 40 kanal of developed plots in the housing scheme in exchange for a piece of raw land in 2016.
Proceeds of the loan will be used to finance the purchase of 17.5 acres of raw land in Linda, California.
The firm said that a majority of the newly-acquired raw land are located in Metro Manila while the rest are in Luzon.
Securing financing for a development project with only raw land as collateral has become more difficult as government regulations have made traditional financial institutions more conservative.
DG Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation (FGEHF) said that according to the agreement signed between M/s Green pvt.Ltd and FGEHF, the cost of raw land for 3,000 kanals is Rs 950,000/ per kanal.
The site transformed in an uncontrolled dump "is a raw land located near the beach where a tourist zone is due to be created," the representative of the civil society noted in a statement following a meeting which lasted until Sunday at dawn.