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A woman can rationalize vandalizing her ex-boyfriend's car as acceptable behavior based on the circumstances at the time, such as his failure to return phone calls or too quickly becoming romantically involved with another woman.
Marshall justifies his psychological abuse of his wife by telling himself that Andrea was "relieved that someone was finally going to take responsibility for my aloneness." Patient and understanding, Andrea rationalizes:
Following the Ministry of Energy advice Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority invited Expression of Interest (EoI) from reputed firms of chartered accountants to ascertain the actual LPG production cost of producers, LPG marketing, distribution and transportation costs of LPG marketing companies and their distributors keeping in view relevant factors and in order to rationalize the LPG prices as per LPG Policy 2016.
The TRABAHO bill, which has been approved on third and final reading at the House of Representatives, would gradually lower the corporate income tax to 20 percent from 30 percent currently, and rationalize fiscal incentives.
The participants will discuss a number of topics related to housing joint works including the sustainability in housing project and use of modern system to rationalize housing projects.
Global Banking News-12 May 2008-Central bank of Bangladesh to rationalize forex transactions(C)2008 ENPublishing -
This contract win shows that our strategy to use our financial and management resources to reduce costs, increase automation and rationalize our global manufacturing capacity is positioning Superior to take advantage of these opportunities."
We have built a Web-enabled deal processing engine that will help rationalize a fragmented, paper-intensive and illiquid marketplace."
They were not selling on any valuation parameters that you could rationalize. And as you begin to pull back to reality, and companies basically either go out of business or get bought up or don't have access to capital, you're not going to see the large technology companies selling at the same multiples they have been.
Criminals frequently employ these defense mechanisms to rationalize their actions, to project blame onto someone or something else, and to minimize their crimes.
Observation: It is difficult to rationalize this holding.
While private insurers are moving to HMOs and pre-paid plans that attempt to rationalize expenditures, I get just a bit itchy when I am told that the federal government has got a grand plan.