ratio analysis

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Ratio analysis

A way of expressing relationships between a firm's accounting numbers and their trends over time that analysts use to establish values and evaluate risks.

Ratio Analysis

The study of the significance of financial ratios for a company. Ratio analysis is very important in fundamental analysis, which investigates the financial health of companies. An example of ratio analysis is the comparison of price-earnings ratios of different companies. This helps analysts determine which companies' share prices properly reflect their performances and therefore what investments are most likely to be the most profitable.

ratio analysis

A study of the relationships between financial variables. Ratios of one firm are often compared with the same ratios of similar firms or of all firms in a single industry. This comparison indicates if a particular firm's financial statistics are suspect. Likewise, a particular ratio for a firm may be evaluated over a period of time to determine if any special trend exists. Compare trend analysis. See also horizontal analysis, vertical analysis.

ratio analysis

the calculation and use of ACCOUNTING RATIOS to analyse the trading performance, liquidity and financial security of a company over time and by comparison with other firms. See INTERFIRM COMPARISON.
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Efficiency ratio analysis highlighted the fact that in comparison Pakistani MFBs lack efficiency in all aspects.
Table 6 showed the S/N ratio analysis and table 7 showed the mean response analysis.
From the S/N ratio analysis shown in figure 10 optimal process parameters for surface roughness are determined as assist gas pressure 10 bar and nitrogen as assist gas.
Albrecht (2003) and Wells (2005) point out that ratio analysis is very useful in detecting red flags for a fraud examination.
Ratio analysis is not applicable to the evaluation of hospital efficiency with multiple indexes
This question was answered through financial ratio analysis. Seventeen types of financial ratios that were introduced by Peterson [54] measured the financial position of the firms surveyed.
The study was based on both primary and secondary data and was analysed with the techniques like ratio analysis, fund flow analysis, averages and percentages.
Inferring the origin and dietary history of beef from C, N and S stable isotope ratio analysis. Food Chem 2005.
There, hydrogen is formed by fast reactions between magma and water, but isotope ratio analysis showed that the hydrogen in the fracture fluids comes from a different source: slow reactions between the water and rocks, combined with radioactive decay.
The writing assignments are short and challenge a variety of writing and communication skills, including writing paragraphs, creating bulleted lists, inserting financial data into a table, and creating an Excel chart and ratio analysis and interpretation.
It is divided into two parts: first quadri-analysis of government budget in terms of reviewing the effectiveness of government programs and review efficiency, economy and fairness review and the second is the financial analysis of governmental budget in terms of horizontal, vertical analysis and ratio analysis. Ends/MN/FS
The odds ratio analysis was used to analyze the data of anxiety scores and BMI.