turnover rate

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Turnover rate

Measures trading activity during a particular period. Portfolios with high turnover rates incur higher transaction costs and are more likely to distribute capital gains, which are taxable to nonretirement accounts.

Turnover Rate

The ratio at which a fund or portfolio trades the securities in it. A higher turnover rate indicates active management; if it becomes very high, this may indicate that the broker or manager is trading securities for the sake of collecting more in fees. It is calculated as the trading volume of the fund or portfolio as a percentage of the entire portfolio. See also: Prudent person rule.

turnover rate

1. The trading volume in a particular stock during a time period (generally one year) as a percentage of the total number of shares of that stock outstanding. The turnover rate adjusts for the differences in outstanding shares and provides a measure of the relative activity in a stock.
2. For an investment company, the volume of shares traded as a percentage of the number of shares in the company's portfolio. A high turnover rate may indicate excessive trading and commissions.

turnover rate

The rate at which tenants or clients depart and are replaced.

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Explaining the rationale behind the proposed reduction, Ahmed said that the FBR cannot reduce the rate of turnover tax for all kinds of distributors without separately analysing their documentation and profit margins of each category of distributor.
The same holds true for the other two variables: the aggregate legal index and the rate of turnover.
The results from Table II showed that professors had the highest average rate of turnover of 20.
Among the reasons: Lower-paid workers have a higher rate of turnover, which is costly.
This is due to many factors, including the rate of turnover, the cost to replace, the time to replace, the cost of the vacancy, including the intellectual capital attributed to the departing staff, the contribution to revenue and earnings attributed to R&D staff, and other factors, including the rate of company growth.
When negotiating or entering into an agreement with cable television, telephone or Internet service providers, property owners are frequently asked to provide information such as property classification (A, B, C, D), the on-site manager's name, current rate of occupancy, annual rate of turnover and resident names with unit addresses.
Of course, most staff members here remain 15 to 20 years, so other facilities with a higher rate of turnover may find training more labor intensive.
Because NTx and other bone markers are measures of the rate of turnover (as opposed to extent), they can reflect changes in bone turnover that occur within a relatively short period of time, often as little as 4 weeks.
Gillis said mattresses have a high rate of turnover and can give a dealer 40 or so points of profit margin, and added it would not be hard to train electronic sales staffers to sell mattresses.
A number of factors that should be taken into account when fixing salaries were discussed including the very high rate of turnover among Canadian legislators.
As the measurement window widens, the base rate of turnover generally increases as well (Peters & Sheridan, 1988).
With this high rate of turnover, the school needed a program that quickly diagnosed the academic skills of new students and improved the retention for those leaving the district.