turnover rate

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Turnover rate

Measures trading activity during a particular period. Portfolios with high turnover rates incur higher transaction costs and are more likely to distribute capital gains, which are taxable to nonretirement accounts.
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Turnover Rate

The ratio at which a fund or portfolio trades the securities in it. A higher turnover rate indicates active management; if it becomes very high, this may indicate that the broker or manager is trading securities for the sake of collecting more in fees. It is calculated as the trading volume of the fund or portfolio as a percentage of the entire portfolio. See also: Prudent person rule.
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turnover rate

1. The trading volume in a particular stock during a time period (generally one year) as a percentage of the total number of shares of that stock outstanding. The turnover rate adjusts for the differences in outstanding shares and provides a measure of the relative activity in a stock.
2. For an investment company, the volume of shares traded as a percentage of the number of shares in the company's portfolio. A high turnover rate may indicate excessive trading and commissions.
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turnover rate

The rate at which tenants or clients depart and are replaced.

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Consistently, salary was the number one strategy mentioned by all participants to decrease the rate of turnover. Benefits also were mentioned frequently as a way to reduce turnover by professionalizing the field so that teaching in child care is understood as a long-term career rather than as a temporary job.
Explaining the rationale behind the proposed reduction, Ahmed said that the FBR cannot reduce the rate of turnover tax for all kinds of distributors without separately analysing their documentation and profit margins of each category of distributor.
These studies show that homecare workers receiving medical benefits have a lower rate of turnover and a higher level of workforce stability.
Bourdeau recommends a company try to establish relationships with at least two people in a branch given the high rate of turnover in many banking positions.
NEW ORLEANS -- Of all the factors that contribute to bone strength, the rate of turnover may be most clinically relevant, David Dempster, Ph.D., said at the annual meeting of the International Society for Clinical Densitometry.
7 percentage points, and a rate of turnover growth of 4.
FM Foods from Sunderland achieved its winning place due to its impressive rate of turnover growth over the last 5 years of 1375%.
FM Foods from Sunderland achieved its winning place due to its impressive rate of turnover growth over the last five years and it fought off strong competition from seven other North-East companies on the Index.
``I would be concerned if one of the flats was occupied by a large number of tenants with a rapid rate of turnover.''
Insulated occupations with above average growth in employment have a relatively high rate of turnover, especially among low skill groups.
The results from Table II showed that professors had the highest average rate of turnover of 20.88% followed by the Senior Lecturers 20.79% and Lecturers 13.12%.