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For the purposes of this article, I will view the natural real rate of interest as the trend component of a specific measure of a short-term real interest rate.
My figure 1 compares the nominal natural rate of interest r* of Del Negro and his colleagues (dashed line) with Wu and Fan Dora Xia's (2016) shadow rate (solid line).
The industrial sector in Bahrain saw its rate of interest fall from 4.58 per cent to 3.73 per cent.-TradeArabia News Service
"The rate of interest, if it is market determined, is high or low in a country depending on the demand for and supply of, loanable funds, the nature and extent of the risk involved, and the rate of inflation.
[section]55.03(1) requires the chief financial officer to set the rate of interest payable on judgments and decrees on December 1, March 1, June 1, and September 1 of each year for the following applicable quarter.
Interest, which can be added to the account or paid into other savings accounts, is paid annually on the first business day following 5 August on minimum balances of Au500 (balances which fall below this amount will earn Northern Rock's prevailing rate of interest, 0.10% tax free* pa /AER**).
Capital is protected so savers still get their original deposit back, plus the fixed rate of interest even if deflation occurs."
Laura Preston of Investec in Guernsey said, "While the Fed rate remains so low, it is more vital than ever that savers' keep a close eye on the rate of interest they're receiving.
Chapter 4 is entitled 'The Rate of Interest: Locke and His [sic] Critics'.
He said one of the people who approached him was an alcoholic and that he had suggested a "ridiculous rate of interest" in order to put him off.
Most credit card providers now treat online gambling transactions as cash advances - which usually attract a higher rate of interest than purchases, according to price comparison site
AMANDEEP Samra invests in a mini-cash Isa with Kent Reliance Building Society because of its great rate of interest - 6.21 per cent.