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Small and medium businesses are the driving force of the economic growth in the EU and a fluctuating rate of exchange would smother them and would only benefit a few firms.
The author deals with two questions here; one, what adjustments in the rate of exchange are required to maintain external balance, given that internal balance is assured?
According to Governor Bogov, through the stability of the denar rate of exchange, the monetary authorities are also keeping price stability and, in order to help the private sector, the National Bank introduced unconventional measures last year whose effects are yet to be felt.
There is no threat for the stability of the denar rate of exchange.
The rate of exchange will be one DataWave share for one and one-half (11/2) Inprimis shares.
Asked whether the denar rate of exchange will change because of the reduced export of Macedonian products, Bogov said that the National Bank of Macedonia had retained the policy of a stable rate of exchange, which has yielded good results in keeping the macroeconomic stability in the past 15 years.