rate base

Rate base

The value of a regulated public utility and its operations as defined by its regulators and on which the company is allowed to earn a particular rate of return.

Rate Base

The value of the assets of a utility company. The rate base helps the local government determine the price the utility company is allowed to charge its customers. The rate base determines prices because it helps to ensure a reasonable profit for the utility company while keeping utilities (which are perceived as necessary) affordable for customers.

rate base

The valuation of a utility's assets for the purpose of determining the rates the utility is permitted to charge its customers. Exactly what a utility should be permitted to include in its rate base is often a point of contention between it and its customers.
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The five-year capital investment plan is projected to increase ITC's consolidated rate base from approximately $2.
announced today that as of July 1 it is raising the guaranteed circulation rate base for its two celebrity/entertainment titles, In Touch Weekly and Life & Style Weekly.
Third, we have been able to increase our circulation rate base for the first time in more than 45 years.
Fast Company" is published monthly with a rate base of 750,000.
He found little impact on the AUES between pairs of rate base and non-rate-base inputs, but he found a large impact on the AUES between pairs of non-rate-base inputs.
Rate base adjustments attributable to the identical factors - the forced "sharing" of tax benefits - would also violate normalization.
As a result of the reclassification of the 2003 subscriptions, Parents and Child will miss rate base for the second half 2003 by approximately 0.
eCompany Now was launched as a monthly in late 1999 and has a rate base of 375,000.
Continental LTL Neutral Rate Base: a neutral LTL class rate base that is already being used by shippers and 3PLs providing a single base for all carrier pricing.
0 in December with nine stand-alone issues planned for 2001 with a rate base of 125,000.
Rate Base Will Jump to 500,000 in January 2009, Marking Third Increase in a Year