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The author notes how women and men knew that legal recourse was available either in church courts or in secular courts if rapt were alleged to have taken place, although it is difficult to understand how this squares with patriarchy.
In 2010, Adobe commissioned Rapt Studio to plan its interior design, capitalizing on the firm's expertise in defining and designing environments around evolving cultures.
Integrating Rapt Media's Interactive Video player with the customer's website, Site Pairing facilitates a two-way conversation between the player and the host site.
The people behind the San Francisco-based company Rapt -- which bills itself as "The Leader in Media Monetization" -- have developed software that focuses on inventory forecasting and planning, analytics, and product pricing.
Inventory Manager and Business Advisor solutions from Rapt Inc, a provider of media monetisation solutions, have been successfully activated by TACODA, a behaviourally-targeted online advertising network.
Entertaining young readers and holding their rapt attention Charlie enters the toy shop of an old man, Charlie's Treasures follows the him as each of his marbles individual stories are revealed and the brilliance of each marble gleams out of each page.
And, in the process, they have cultivated a rapt following along the indie circuit, beginning with their 2002 debut at Spaceland, to the West Coast tour they wrapped up last month with five days of performances at the SXSW music festival in Austin, Texas.
You tour to these weenie little communities--the country is a big, old farm, really--and they sit there, rapt.
With the help of a parrot named Sunflower, these two children embark upon an informative and inspiring adventure that will engage the rapt attention and enthusiasm of children ages 2 to 7.
The chaotic desktop-as-medium engendered half repulsion, half rapt fascination.
John had the rapt attention of each person as he spoke of the future rebuilding of the downtown area.
Mimiko has the rapt attention of nine of his fellow psychiatry residents.