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In addition to the repression of rapt, and the rooting out of practices of infanticide and abortion, the campaign to instill self-control embraced other forms of deviant behaviour.
In 2010, Adobe commissioned Rapt Studio to plan its interior design, capitalizing on the firm's expertise in defining and designing environments around evolving cultures.
Partnering with Rapt gives us a unique value proposition, and makes The Scene more effective in making connections between our audiences and advertisers.
In conjunction with the close of the new round of financing, RAPT named Cathal Phelan as CEO and President.
Through its reach and the depth of its audience relationships, Cox Newspapers has a remarkable asset at its disposal," stated James Deaker, vice president, advisory services for Rapt.
Following Alberto's child-hood dream to fly in a time pre-dating the Wright brother's famed accomplishments, Follow Your Dreams/De Asas aos Seus Sonhos will captivate the rapt attention of young readers from first page to last with the encouraging story of Alberto Santos-Dumont's inventive mind, ambitious aspirations, and fulfilling passion to design, fabricate and fly the smallest passenger balloon, and create a plane with wheels he called "The Dragonfly".
Students paid rapt attention as rocket scientist Trong Bui told of his research work on several projects at NASA Dryden, including his investigation of aerospike rocket engine nozzles.
My idea of tradition is constant change," confided Chandralekha, a legendary pioneer of Indian dance and a respected voice of the Indian countercultural movement, to a rapt audience near the conclusion of the Chicago conference, "Bharata Natyam in the Diaspora," held from September 6 to 9.
Last week he listened with what appeared to be rapt attention to a rather cheesy piano player in a Chinese restaurant.
More than 100 residential property managers and real estate industry professionals listened in rapt attention as first deputy fire commissioner William M.
Reading between the hype ("the ultimate 20th Century artist": uh-huh), you can make out the source of its subject's cult: a supermarket sweepstakes of high and low cultural totems, a rapt tour of authenticity lost.