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When I rap in Arabic, I speak of the social and political issues in the region.
IAG's RAP sets out 16 achievable and sustainable commitments that range from embedding awareness and understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures among its people, through to providing career development opportunities for talented indigenous university students.
Therapeutic Uses of Rap and Hip-Hop is divided into three parts: Part 1 provides a foundation by reviewing historical and theoretical perspectives, part 2 demonstrates applications of setting-specific rap therapies with at-risk youths, and part 3 illustrates diagnosis-specific rap therapies within varied client populations and clinical settings.
Queen, 26, is now known at Los Angeles Academy as the rap teacher, but his fame has spread far beyond the 2,200-student school in this gritty neighborhood.
Due to the variability of RAP material, experience has generally shown that mixture quality can be more easily controlled by using less than 25% RAP (Asphalt Institute 1994).
As noted, book raps can be undertaken by Year 1 students.
The hip-hop generation, whose members have propagated hip hop culture and rap music, does not form a homogeneous group, so I want to define as closely as possible who the hip hop generation is.
and West Coast hip-hop - so-called gangsta rap - in the late '80s and early '90s, increasingly hip-hop was almost solely identified with ghetto culture, the 'hood and lower-class sensibilities.
After Jin told his parents he was pursuing a rap career at age 16, countless rhymes got ripped and pitched in the garbage.
This is not the most promising news for the gay rappers, but I hope they keep trying, because each gay rapper who gets on the rap radar is a reminder that gay isn't weak, that gay is part of the world, and that "don't be hatin'" isn't just a tag line from a movie but a bad, awesome, and phat way to live.
Contact RAPS on tel: 01280 705513; e-mail: sales@raps.
MTV Raps - even though, according to recent MTV research, it has a limited and segmented audience.