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The high and low prices, or high and low bids and offers, recorded during a specified time.

Price Range

The high and low prices between which a security trades over a given period of time. The size of the price range is an indicator of volatility, with a large price range showing a great deal of volatility and a low range showing the opposite. A price range is also called simply a range.


The high and low prices reached by a security within a given period. A large range in relation to a security price tends to indicate greater price volatility, making the security a better candidate for trading purposes but not necessarily for investment purposes. Also called price range.


A division of land in the public land survey system.Each range line is approximately 6 miles apart and is identified according to its distance east or west from the principal meridian for the area. Range 1 West is in the column immediately west of the principal meridian for the area. See public land survey system.

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Rangeland Energy is headquartered in Sugar Land, Texas, with regional offices in Loving, New Mexico; Midland, Texas; and Calgary, Alberta.
The Rangeland II management team will focus on the expansion of Rangeland Energy III, LLC.
This study was conducted in Cholistan rangelands to collect information about the palatability and nutritive potential of browses that remained available throughout the year for livestock.
Asked about grazing in Himalayan Forest Grazingland, the official said rangeland ecosystems provide many goods and services such as habitat for wildlife, a rich source of biodiversity of fauna and flora, carbon sequestration, ecotourism, watershed value and are a major source of forage for native and domestic animals.
In the presented case study, two conditions of livestock grazing and enclosure is explained in Nir rangeland of Yazd province.
Spread the mixture on top of rangelands, and those microbes, Creque reasoned, could digest the carbon and deposit it into the soil before it could escape into the air.
They found that nutrient availability was a limiting factor to rangeland productivity at 31 of the 42 sites and that adding multiple nutrients often increased rangeland productivity by as much as 65 percent.
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In a statement it said it was "shocked" to find tests proved positive despite "written assurances from Rangeland Foods that none of the identified horse DNA had entered its production".
It said it stopped using Rangeland foods after Ireland's food standards agency said it was investigating beef entering the country from Poland.
A Polish meat ingredient at Ireland's Rangeland Foods contained 75 per cent horse DNA, the Irish agriculture ministry said in an announcement on Tuesday.
Restoring community connections to the land; building resilience through community-based rangeland management in China and Mongolia.