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The high and low prices, or high and low bids and offers, recorded during a specified time.

Price Range

The high and low prices between which a security trades over a given period of time. The size of the price range is an indicator of volatility, with a large price range showing a great deal of volatility and a low range showing the opposite. A price range is also called simply a range.


The high and low prices reached by a security within a given period. A large range in relation to a security price tends to indicate greater price volatility, making the security a better candidate for trading purposes but not necessarily for investment purposes. Also called price range.


A division of land in the public land survey system.Each range line is approximately 6 miles apart and is identified according to its distance east or west from the principal meridian for the area. Range 1 West is in the column immediately west of the principal meridian for the area. See public land survey system.

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Although heterotopic ossification has various etiological factors, treatment usually consists of range of motion exercises, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, bisphosphonates, radiotherapy, and surgical treatment options.
To maintain the functions of the hand, range of motion exercises must be started as soon as possible (19,20).
Mobilization: walking or range of motion exercises three times daily, reduced use of catheters or restraints that limit movement
Materials presented at the fall workshop included range of motion exercises, assisted ambulation, and transfer activities.
By performing strengthening, stretching, and range of motion exercises, one can prevent as well as recover from symptoms of TOS.
Range of motion--Approximately 24 to 48 hours after surgery, women should begin range of motion exercises for the elbow, forearm and hand.
Marquez noted that the fracture had not yet healed and prescribed a range of motion exercises.
Because the patient was in restraints, hospital policy required that certain procedures be followed, such as constant monitoring, hourly offers of water, range of motion exercises, bladder relief, etc.