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The high and low prices, or high and low bids and offers, recorded during a specified time.

Price Range

The high and low prices between which a security trades over a given period of time. The size of the price range is an indicator of volatility, with a large price range showing a great deal of volatility and a low range showing the opposite. A price range is also called simply a range.


The high and low prices reached by a security within a given period. A large range in relation to a security price tends to indicate greater price volatility, making the security a better candidate for trading purposes but not necessarily for investment purposes. Also called price range.


A division of land in the public land survey system.Each range line is approximately 6 miles apart and is identified according to its distance east or west from the principal meridian for the area. Range 1 West is in the column immediately west of the principal meridian for the area. See public land survey system.

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Vancouver's quality and range of accommodation is tremendous.
Apart from our wide range of accommodation, guests are free to book a bed & breakfast holiday, breakfast and dinner or all inclusive packages.
It has direct access to a beach, a renovated pool complex with slides and a wide range of accommodation including twoand three-bedroom Esprit holiday homes sleeping seven and eight respectively, available from [euro]30 a night.
With Ryanair Rooms, the airline will widen the range of accommodation it offers to customers beyond just hotels to include (a) hotels, (b) hostels and B&Bs and (c) homestay/villas and other room offers, but all will be at the lowest possible prices for Ryanair customers.
EasyJet holidays offer a range of accommodation options on the island, from self-catering apartments to all-inclusive hotels.
Dubai's Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) revealed plans in December 2013 to offer holiday homes licenses in order to broaden the range of accommodation options for visitors.
Stunning Pardes Steading is a fabulous family home with a fantastic range of accommodation
8226; Valuable information on a range of accommodation, entertainment, wine and food from across the region
However the design is flexible enough to convert back into one and two-bedroom hotel apartments, during the holiday periods, allowing the property to offer an adaptable range of accommodation options, whilst maximising its room revenue yield, all year around.
HILTON Worldwide is promoting its portfolio of more than 100 hotels in the UK, offering a wide range of accommodation to visitors.
Given the significant level of interest we have received we are now considering expanding the concept to other floors at Baltimore House providing a range of accommodation spaces from 200 to 2,000 sq ft.
HOUSE TYPES: A full range of accommodation to suit all requirements, and budgets, from one-bedroom flats to executive homes.