Random variable

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Random variable

A function that assigns a real number to each and every possible outcome of a random experiment.
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Random Variable

In statistics, a variable expressing all possible outcomes of a set of circumstances. It is important in probability density function and probability distribution.
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He said they are urging the schools to conduct random drug testing among their students but it's still the call of the administrators.
Most of the random number generator utilize hardware [22] and therefore are many times referred to as hardware-based generator.
Moreover, the timing of the hot streak is random. Hence while periods of relative success were common, there was no way to predict when these would emerge in a given career, in line with the random impact rule uncovered earlier.
Random Length's prices are deeply embedded in the workflows of its customers and its product suite is complementary to RISI.
The polynomial chaos methods are well suited for the random differential equations, RDE, with a very few number of random variables defining their main coefficients.
The only way to mitigate the risk of keys being cracked, both now and in the future, is to make sure the random numbers that we use to generate keys are truly random.
The scientists analyzed the participants' choices according to their algorithmic randomness, which is based on the idea that patterns that are more random are harder to summarize mathematically.
Let (S, P) be an [L.sup.0]-prebarreled random locally convex module over K with base ([OMEGA], F, P) such that S has the countable concatenation property.
Randomness extractors excavate the randomness from these weak sources, throwing away the predictable junk to create a truly random number.
In this paper, we name the stochastic system with both random parameter treating as random variables and external noise processes as compound (or double) stochastic dynamical system.
Random fixed point theorems are stochastic generalization of classical fixed point theorems.

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