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Rally (recovery)

An upward movement of prices. Opposite of reaction.


A rapid increase in stock prices. A rally occurs when investors begin buying one or more stocks in large amounts, which represents an increase in demand and therefore raises the price. A rally may happen following a prolonged decrease in price, indicating that a security has been oversold and the rally is likely to be sustained. Alternately, it may be a bear market rally, which is a brief respite between two downturns.


A fairly sharp, short-term general rise in security prices after a period of little movement or of declining prices.


A rally is a significant short-term recovery in the price of a stock or commodity, or of a market in general, after a period of decline or sluggishness.

Stocks that make a particularly strong recovery in a particular sector or in the market as a whole are often said to be leading the rally, a reference to the term's origins in combat, where an officer would lead his rallying troops back into battle. While a rally may signal the beginning of a bull market, it doesn't necessarily do so.

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The long-term chart is like a downward sloping wedge but there is now a small blunt vertical line at the thin end, as the stock has rallied sharply recently.
Under signs proclaiming ``Fight the Radical Right'' and ``PK Patriarchy Keepers,'' about 75 critics rallied on a grassy strip across from the mall.
Another several hundred supporters rallied outside the Commerce Department on September 23, where they presented Assistant Secretary of Commerce Grant Aldonis with more than 100,000 signed petitions in support of the tariffs that had been gathered throughout the nation's industrial heartland, many of them from Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.