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Individual or corporate investor who intends to take control of a company (often ostensibly for greenmail) by buying a controlling interest in its stock and installing new management. Raiders who accumulate 5% or more of the outstanding shares in the target company must report their purchases to the SEC, the exchange of listing, and the target itself. See: takeover.
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Corporate Raider

A person or company that is offering or executing a hostile takeover by buying shares directly from shareholders. If a firm makes an offer to shareholders to acquire a publicly-traded company after the board of directors refuses, or if it bypasses the board completely, one refers to the acquiring firm as a corporate raider. Often, the corporate raider does not actually intend to take over the target company, but is simply trying to force the board of directors to repurchase shares at a premium to their market value. A corporate raider that accumulates more than 5% of a company's outstanding shares must register with the SEC. It is also known simply as a raider. See also: Greenmail, Premium raid.
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A person or firm that attempts a takeover of a company. Also called corporate raider. Compare target company, white knight. See also greenmail, junk financing, shark repellent.
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