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More than one class of securities traded together (e.g., one common share and three subscription warrants).
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1. A combination of securities or types of securities packaged together and bought and sold as one. For example, a preferred share may have warrants and/or common shares attached to it when it is sold. See also: Paired shares, Cum warrant.

2. One thing that may be exchanged. For example, one dollar is a unit of money.
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By using a tube-rating chart and avoiding excessive exposure techniques, he or she prolongs the life of the radiographic unit. Properly maintaining intensifying screens reduces the chance of repeat films and possible misdiagnosis due to poor-quality films.
Chris Tormey and Byron Conlogue for their assistance and Gregory Hackett, DVM, for the donation of the mobile radiographic unit.
Renewed interest in the female cadaver at the Mutter Museum resulted in a radiographic examination of it in 1987.[2] Because the cadaver could not be moved due to its fragile nature, anteroposterior, oblique and cross-table lateral images were obtained with a mobile radiographic unit. The radiographs provided evidence that refuted information provided in the museum records and by McFarland.

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