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A unit of length equivalent to 7.92 inches. It is used in the surveying of land.
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A surveying measurement still seen in older deeds or in deeds using descriptions from earlier times.A link is 7.92 inches.See land measurement conversion.

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The graphs show that the radio link layer clearly has an effect on the behavior of the sender.
Finally, in Chapter 7, the principles and theory presented in the previous chapters are applied and the reader is introduced to the design of microwave radio links. Three appendices are included, which discuss detailed frequency plans for the main microwave bands, the derivation of the output signal-to-noise ratio for frequency and phase demodulators as a function of the input carrier to noise ratio, typical costs of microwave radio links components and link calculations for a typical microwave radio link.
Spot 4 typically uses a conventional radio link to transmit images from the satellite to receiving stations.
Microwave Radio Link for Pakistan's Power Grid System
Venus-orbiting Magellan--its wayward radio link now restored for the second time -- has forced NASA to devise new measures to restore communications should the spacecraft go silent again.
The radio link means shop staff are connected directly to each other and the police, allowing officers to respond rapidly to crimes in the area.
It is interesting what rain drop attenuation level are in different frequency ranges and from what frequencies this attenuation necessarily must be estimated by radio link designers.
Landlords in Moseley Village will be linked up via radio link to nearby establishments in a bid to take fast action against troublemakers.
The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AIM-listed Intelek plc, whose activities include the design and manufacture of electronic systems and components for the satellite, wireless communications and defence sectors Intelek said the recent orders had been received by Labtech Microwave since the middle of September from a North American telecommunications company for specialist high frequency radio link PCBs.
Members of the school's Imagineering Club for science and technology enthusiasts asked astronaut Richard Garriott questions about life in space during the 10-minute radio link between the International Space Station and the stage in the main hall at the school in Styles Close in the village of Hampton Magna, near Warwick.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-17 March 2008-Kongsberg Gruppen ASA wins NOK90m tactical radio link order from Norwegian armed forces(C)1994-2008 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD