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Supply Radiation Survey Meter Kits With Software (including Data Communication Protocol) Meeting All The Specifications Described In Section 3;
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Portable Wide Range Gamma Radiation Survey Meter As Per Tender Specifications.
Tenders are invited for X-Ray Radiation Survey Meter,Analog Type,Ion Chamber Base, Digital Display As Per Specification Attached
Limited Tenders are invited for Testing And Calibration Of Radiation Survey Meters Of Instrument Department Of National Fertilizers Limited, Vijaipur Unit
Tenders are invited for Supply of Radiation Survey Meter -(Range-0-To-5R/Hr)
But following the nuclear crisis triggered on March 11, 2011, J-Village became a key location for the handling of the crisis, such as providing a space for workers to don protective clothing before heading to the plant and to undergo radiation surveys afterward.
The announcement came as Japanese consumers remain frustrated over limited information about the exact level of food contamination, while the government has sought to calm public fears and overcome mistrust of official radiation surveys.
Dragon Runners would be useful for doing radiation surveys, Godere said, and getting a better look at the damage in areas people cannot get to.
This testimony discusses (1) the benefits of using DOE's aerial background radiation surveys to enhance emergency response capabilities and (2) the physical security measures in place at DOE's two key emergency response facilities and whether they are consistent with DOE guidance.