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where [Qsprd.sub.i,t] and [Pqsprd.sub.i,t] are the average quoted and percentage quoted spreads for stock i in minute t, and all other variables are as previously described.
--MICHAEL MARCAVAGE of Repent America, as quoted in the February 3-9 issue of Philadelphia's City Paper.
In one July 2001 Washington Post article, the paper's chief science writer, Rick Weiss, quoted Melton saying "it would be very ill-advised to close the door on the production of new [stem-]cell lines" But Weiss described Melton only as "chairman of molecular and cellular biology at Harvard University" There was no mention of Curis, even though if Bush had chosen to come out against embryonic stem-cell research, Meltons firm would have had great difficulty raising investment capital.
Policies can be quoted with multiple carriers in a matter of seconds, Keck added, saving the agency considerable handling costs.
stock prices be quoted in decimals by July 3, a process called decimalization.
--Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura in a Playboy magazine interview (quoted in the Chicago Tribune, Sept.
Depending on the transaction's complexity, to' obtain a final quote, the taxpayer may need to deposit with the underwriter approximately 10% to 20% of the premium quoted to defer the underwriter's costs in reviewing the opinion.
What follows is the straight story from Bear Stearns, a firm that quoted, committed and closed loans dally for the past four weeks - while continuing to trade CMBS bonds actively.
Savas Tshohatzidis appeals to mixed quotes in which the direct quoted part is a translation of the words used in the quoted utterances.
SYMANTEC chairman Gordon Eubanks on the danger of technology acquisitions: "People do these deals as big strategic visions, and they forget that what makes them work are all the details." (Quoted in Business Week, 10/30/95)
"You got a duty to die and get out of the way," a Denver Post reporter quoted former Colorado Gov.