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Highest bid and lowest offer (asked) price currently available on a security or a commodity.


1. The highest price that a buyer is willing to pay for a security and the lowest price that a seller is willing to receive. The quote is displayed on a ticker and provides investors with the current price for each security.

2. On an exchange, the last price at which a security, commodity, or derivative traded. This changes throughout a trading day and is recorded on the ticker.


A statement or listing of the price at which a security trades. A quotation is often the last price at which the trade took place, but occasionally it is the current bid and ask. For example, a quotation of $15-$15.25 means that the market maker is willing to buy at $15 per share (the bid) and sell at $15.25 per share (the ask). Also called quote.

Quotation (Quote).

On a stock market, a quotation combines the highest bid to buy and the lowest ask to sell a stock.

For example, if the quotation on DaveCo stock is "20 to 20.07," it means that the highest price that any buyer wants to pay is $20, and the lowest price that any seller wants to take is $20.07.

How that spread is resolved depends on whether the stock is traded on an auction market, such as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), or on a dealer market, such as the Nasdaq Stock Market, where the price is negotiated by market makers.


  1. the price and terms on which a firm is prepared to supply a good or service. Quotations often include detailed technical specifications of the product to be supplied, delivery dates and credit terms. Several suppliers may quote for a contract put out to TENDER by the purchaser.
  2. the price at which a MARKET MAKER is prepared to buy or sell a FINANCIAL SECURITY (STOCKS. SHARES etc.) or FOREIGN CURRENCY. Market makers often quote two prices, the price at which they are prepared to buy a financial security or currency and the price at which they are prepared to sell the security or currency
  3. permission from a STOCK MARKET'S regulatory authority for a company's shares to be traded ‘in that market. See LISTED COMPANY.
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Under the Company's concentrate sales contracts, final copper and molybdenum prices are set based on the average metal price in a specified future Quotational Period (QP).
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As at December 31, 1995 the Company had recorded sales on 32,183,831 pounds of copper for which sales quotational periods had not yet expired and for which price estimates of U.
Each of the paintings in the book seems thoroughly quotational, often citing from a national tradition.
The most significant factors affecting the fourth quarter were below average metal production and the decline in the copper price which reduced revenue for sales for which the quotational period was still open.
Gradually theory stopped even trying to invent new concepts or raise new questions, and became instead a set of stock formulas to be thrown together in the computer at will without regard for origin or rigor in an ever more arbitary and entangled quotational patchwork.
Under our concentrate sales contracts with third-party smelters, final commodity prices are set on a specified quotational period, typically ranging from one month prior to shipment, and can extend to three months after the shipment arrives at the smelter and is based on average market metal prices.
Under our concentrate sales contracts with third-party smelters, final commodity prices are set on a specified future quotational period, typically one to three months, after the shipment arrives at the smelter based on market metal prices.