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Highest bid and lowest offer (asked) price currently available on a security or a commodity.
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1. The highest price that a buyer is willing to pay for a security and the lowest price that a seller is willing to receive. The quote is displayed on a ticker and provides investors with the current price for each security.

2. On an exchange, the last price at which a security, commodity, or derivative traded. This changes throughout a trading day and is recorded on the ticker.
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A statement or listing of the price at which a security trades. A quotation is often the last price at which the trade took place, but occasionally it is the current bid and ask. For example, a quotation of $15-$15.25 means that the market maker is willing to buy at $15 per share (the bid) and sell at $15.25 per share (the ask). Also called quote.
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Quotation (Quote).

On a stock market, a quotation combines the highest bid to buy and the lowest ask to sell a stock.

For example, if the quotation on DaveCo stock is "20 to 20.07," it means that the highest price that any buyer wants to pay is $20, and the lowest price that any seller wants to take is $20.07.

How that spread is resolved depends on whether the stock is traded on an auction market, such as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), or on a dealer market, such as the Nasdaq Stock Market, where the price is negotiated by market makers.

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  1. the price and terms on which a firm is prepared to supply a good or service. Quotations often include detailed technical specifications of the product to be supplied, delivery dates and credit terms. Several suppliers may quote for a contract put out to TENDER by the purchaser.
  2. the price at which a MARKET MAKER is prepared to buy or sell a FINANCIAL SECURITY (STOCKS. SHARES etc.) or FOREIGN CURRENCY. Market makers often quote two prices, the price at which they are prepared to buy a financial security or currency and the price at which they are prepared to sell the security or currency
  3. permission from a STOCK MARKET'S regulatory authority for a company's shares to be traded ‘in that market. See LISTED COMPANY.
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