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The report said the removal of the 20% quota restriction on Hajj pilgrims should see increased demand for both retail and hospitality in Jeddah.
Established in 1986, the business was developed as a way to create added value from the milk produced in excess of the farm's quota restriction.
There will be no quota limit for cross-border trade settlement, though, unlike Hong Kong, which is subject to the quota restriction of 200 billion yuan quarterly for cross-border trade.
The Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the cabinet had allowed export of a total quantity of 300,000 tons sugar out of which 100,000 metric tons in January whereas 200,000 tons in May 2012 and placed export quota restriction of 5,000 per sugar mill.
The elimination of quota restriction will open the way for the most competitive developing countries to develop stronger clusters of textiles expertise," said the economywatch.
The apartment is built in anticipation of a government decision to lift quota restriction on the number of pilgrims to be sent by ONH Plus operators in 2007.
To circumvent the quota restriction, Hong King and Korea tried to enter into joint venture deals with countries like Philippines, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and India as readymade garment exports from these countries were not subject to quota restrictions.
Lastly, Chinese-language movies, shot by Taiwan-registered companies owning 50% or more of the copyright, will be able to be played in China, after passing the screening of the regulator, without any quota restriction.
imports from China in these categories did not just happen a few months ago, or after the quota restriction on most products was lifted on Jan.
Soewandi said the government welcomes calls by other countries like Mauritius, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Srilanka on the World Trade Organization (WTO) to reconsider plan to abolish quota restriction on textiles and garment imports.
Secretary Commerce said that yarn exporters had violated the quota restriction and exported 70,000 tons of yarn when the limit was 50,000 tons per month.
He said the quota restriction will encourage development of man made forests that timber processing industries will not be dependent on natural forest for logs.