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In reply, the minister explained, All political parties are legally bound to protect the quota and if they ignore that responsibility, I ask that the Elections Commission to direct them to do it.
However, Ministry of Religious Affairs halted the balloting of official hajj applications on January 26 due to uncertainties in the policy on the quota of private tour operators and a court stay order.
Regarding Islamabad, he said its jobs quota was allocated through the judgment of Islamabad High Court.
The meeting was briefed about implementing distribution of Hajj Quota among new Hajj Group Organisers (HGOs).
This is a right," Ogasapian said, underscoring that such a quota should only be required for a transitional period.
In 2014, even though the level of exports was very low, due to the bad 2013/2014 season, the EU refused to grant the quotas requested by Tunisia, which nevertheless respected the annual and monthly limits set by the regulation.
Iran sought to resurrect OPEC's country-by-country quotas at the group's last meeting in Vienna, the Iranian oil news agency Shana reported Saturday.
From there, it would be extremely challenging to gain the remaining required votes, especially considering that several men who publicly endorsed the 30% quota later rejected it when it was time to vote.
The dairy quota system was introduced in the 1980s in order to address problems of surplus production.
According to this year's figures, Austria overshot its milk delivery quota by 3.
CYPRIOT-flagged trawlers will be able to fish less bluefin tuna this year, after the European Commission reduced the threshold because the island had exceeded quotas last year.
Spain is being penalised for the second time by the European Commission for overfishing its mackerel quota by 65,429 tonnes in 2009.