quiet period

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Quiet period

Time period an issuer is "in registration" with the SEC and may not promote its forthcoming issue.

Quiet Period

1. A time during which the issuer is not allowed to promote a new issue. The quiet period begins on the filing date when the issuer registers the security with the SEC and ends 25 days after the security is actually issued.

2. A time during which a company's employees may not change the portfolios of their retirement plans. This usually occurs when the company sponsoring the plans is making some administrative changes. It is more commonly called a lockdown.

quiet period

1. The period of time during which a security issue is in registration and the issuer is not permitted to promote the issue. The quiet period begins during the filing period and ends 25 days after the security begins trading.
2. See lockdown.
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The agitation thrilling through the country and army in consequence of this news was so great, that private matters were little heeded: and hence probably George Osborne, just gazetted to his company, busy with preparations for the march, which must come inevitably, and panting for further promotion--was not so much affected by other incidents which would have interested him at a more quiet period.
However, that quiet period is seen to be reducing as the appeal of Dubai as a destination increases.
MANY businesses have their year end at December 31, the theory being that by avoiding the tax year end rush in April and picking a so-called quiet period, there would be more time to prepare accounts and statutory returns.
Quiet Period In accordance with fair disclosure and corporate governance best practices, GOL starts its Quiet Period on April 19, and will end immediately after the conference calls on May 04.
Quiet Period: from 07/12 to 07/26/2011 - The Quiet Period, formalized in the Earnings Disclosure Procedures, is the 15-day period prior to the disclosure of results during which Bradesco may not clarify or discuss with the market any kind of information related to said results.
Sir John Beddington, the Government's chief scientist, said that the Sun was waking up from a quiet period and was likely to throw a lot more 'space weather' at the Earth.
The figure fell to 22% towards the end of the summer, 21% in the three months to September and 14% in the quarter to October, a quiet period for pay settlements.
The 10-year-old will enjoy any cut underfoot, impressed on his recent outing over timber and the stable appears to be getting back to form in time for Cheltenham following a slightly quiet period.
Analyzing 1,018 initial public offerings (IPOs) during three different two year time spans from 1992-2003 we find mixed evidence that the IPO quiet period is effective in reducing stock return volatility.
We are trying our hardest to raise the money but it's a very quiet period.
Due to the Securities and Exchange Commission's mandatory quiet period surrounding IPOs, an ARC spokeswoman said the company was unable to offer comment.
Despite a quiet period in the UK, Studley-based surveillance equipment specialists Quadnetics Group has doubled its profit before tax and goodwill in the first half to pounds 1.