quid pro quo

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Quid pro quo

An arrangement allowing a firm to use research from another firm at no cost in exchange for executing all of its trades with the firm that provides the research.

Quid Pro Quo

An agreement between any firm and a brokerage firm in which the first firm makes use of the other's financial research free of charge. In exchange, the firm agrees to conduct any trades it may decide to conduct as a result of the research with the second firm as broker.

More generally, quid pro quo may describe any financial agreement thought to be mutually beneficial. This may apply to positive things such a trade agreement or to illegal activities such as pay-to-play schemes in municipal contracts.

quid pro quo

An equal exchange that a person or firm makes with another person or firm. In the securities industry institutional investors provide orders to brokerage firms as a quid pro quo for in-depth research.
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Although these allegations suggest a quid pro quo arrangement, the complaint made clear that the SEC was relying on the securities-fraud theory of failure to disclose material facts that does not require proof of quid pro quo.
To resolve this split, the Supreme Court considered whether proof of the existence of a quid pro quo agreement is required for conviction under the Hobbs Act in McCormick v.
In this section, I show that a general analysis of the effect of eBay on the patent system should be done with consideration of one of its primary justifications: the quid pro quo.
While the terms quid pro quo and hostile environment still have significance when discussing sexual harassment, as a result of recent Supreme Court cases, their role in establishing employer liability for sexually harassing conduct engaged in by supervisors has diminished.
Here's the long and short of it: Everything about information and how we obtain and use it is one big quid pro quo.
The factual predicates in many cases could be characterized interchangeably as either hostile work environment or quid pro quo harassment.
Until the last decade, the quid pro quo approach functioned fairly effectively.
At the time of the court's decision, there were two strains of harassment doctrine under Title VII: quid pro quo and hostile work environment.
Also retired officers come back as civilians in rigged personnel boards and then get rapid promotions as they get in the Quid Pro Quo game to help Admirals and Generals to place their sons and daughters.
We then go to the judge and ask her to dismiss the case on the two substantive legal issues we examined earlier - quid pro quo and hostile environment.
For example, it'd be quid pro quo sexual harassment for a teacher unfairly to give a student a C because the student rejected the teacher's sexual advances.
Barbour said, "There was a quid pro quo, and the quo is billions, F-16 fighters for Indonesia .