quid pro quo

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Quid pro quo

An arrangement allowing a firm to use research from another firm at no cost in exchange for executing all of its trades with the firm that provides the research.
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Quid Pro Quo

An agreement between any firm and a brokerage firm in which the first firm makes use of the other's financial research free of charge. In exchange, the firm agrees to conduct any trades it may decide to conduct as a result of the research with the second firm as broker.

More generally, quid pro quo may describe any financial agreement thought to be mutually beneficial. This may apply to positive things such a trade agreement or to illegal activities such as pay-to-play schemes in municipal contracts.
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quid pro quo

An equal exchange that a person or firm makes with another person or firm. In the securities industry institutional investors provide orders to brokerage firms as a quid pro quo for in-depth research.
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Under this disclosure approach, the SEC does not need to prove the existence of quid pro quo under the federal securities laws.
? Quid Pro Quo is out on May 30, available only at Tesco.
(23) The court also boldly states that in some instances, the word "explicit," as applied to a quid pro quo agreement in McCormick, can actually mean the exact opposite, "implicit." (24) On broader public policy grounds, the Eleventh Circuit's holding could have the effect of chilling political speech and allowing prosecutorial discretion to be wielded in a partisan manner.
However, what they propose would breach the agreed Council position of quid pro quo replacement of open space which they voted for less than 10 months ago.
In this note, I examine this impact on the value of a patent and its relation to one of the primary justifications of patent law--the quid pro quo. If a patent can be viewed as a right granted to its owner by the public in exchange for an invention and its disclosure, how does eBay affect this exchange?
Having won the Arthur Ellis Award for Juvenile Crime Fiction, and been nominated for the Edgar Allen Poe Award, Quid Pro Quo is now in its third printing.
A quid pro quo donation is a payment made partly as a donation and partly as consideration for goods or services--except a payment to an organization, organized exclusively for religious purposes, for only an intangible religious benefit that generally is not sold in a commercial transaction outside the donative context.
Assured of his first champion trainers' title, Nicholls can land a treble with Blu Teen, Quid Pro Quo and Earl of Forestry.
A secret US military agreement to arm Saudi Arabia was the quid pro quo. </pre> <p>"The economic essence of this arrangement," points out Dr.
Traditionally, once the conduct was determined to be based on gender, it then would be categorized as either quid pro quo sexual harassment or hostile work environment.
The quid pro quo for the Washington audience was Dominican choreographer Carlos Veitia's compelling Hispaniola, performed by Ballet Clasico's Isbell Piedra and Elvis Guzman.
Gazprom is likely to get its way eventually, thanks to Kremlin backing--although a quid pro quo may be in store, with Shell allowing Gazprom to enter the consortium in return for Shell being allowed to participate in Gazprom's projects in the Russian Arctic.