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Problem Child

In growth share matrices, the quadrant representing companies, especially subsidies, that require large cash injections but have low market shares, and therefore usually operate at a loss or with little profit. These companies are normally growing rapidly (hence the need for cash) but represent new markets, products, or brands. Problem children represent an initial stage in growth share matrices; they have the potential to become stars or cash cows, but also to become dogs, depending on how the relevant markets grow. Analysts carefully evaluate problem children to determine whether or not they should be divested. A problem child is also called a question mark. See also: Marketing, Portfolio analysis.

problem child

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Question Mark Corporation's Perception Integration Protocol (PIP) has made it possible to seamlessly link Perception assessments with other systems including PLM.
Alec said: "I came up with the idea of having these question marks all along the shore of Port Glasgow and Langbank.
The question mark is certainly the tallest installation in the biennial, although it's not the largest.
Question Mark has more than 1,300 customers worldwide, with approximately 9,000 authoring systems installed.
Arsenal season-ticket holder Kelvin Meadows said: "By putting 'forward' with the question mark we are hoping it will provoke debate as to which way the club is going.
And there's got to be a question mark over KP's ability right now - not over his ability, just mentally, how he slots back into the set-up.
He came to look round Liverpool for a few days and decided a question mark was the appropriate thing to offer the city
He insists question marks over the form and fitness of Michael Owen and Wayne Rooney make it almost impossible for them to go all the way.
Contractual talks are ongoing but that does not place a question mark over Rio's loyalty, his commitment or desire
Pietersen is still a big question mark at the moment, Alastair Cook is only just holding on to his spot by the skin of his teeth, [Paul] Collingwood's probably not had the best Test summer of his life either," he said.
Stewart was the biggest question mark academically for the Trojans but will return for his junior season.
This is a valuable new analysis that puts a big question mark over what was thought to be the best evidence for ancient fire use," remarks anthropologist Christopher B.

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