Quantitative analysis

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Quantitative analysis

A mathematical analysis of the measurable figures of a company, such as the value of assets or projected sales. This type of analysis does not include a subjective assessment of the quality of management.

Quantitative Research

Economic and/or market research in areas directly related to mathematical data. Quantitative research is based exclusively on facts such a P/E ratios, GDP growth, and other data that are objectively measurable when recommending investment decisions to clients or brokers. See also: Qualitative research.

Quantitative analysis.

When a securities analyst focuses on a corporation's financial data in order to project potential future performance, the process is called quantitative analysis.

This methodology involves looking at profit-and-loss statements, sales and earnings histories, and the statistical state of the economy rather than at more subjective factors such as management experience, employee attitudes, and brand recognition.

While some people feel that quantitative analysis by itself gives an incomplete picture of a company's prospects, advocates tend to believe that numbers tell the whole story.

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