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This is not to say that quantifying risks does not have its value.
Designing pathogenesis studies for arboviruses that accurately simulate natural infection requires quantifying the amount of virus transmitted.
The concept of uncertainty is very useful in quantifying tax risk to the extent it is possible to do such quantification.
Accountants must now determine the true cost of a company's various business activities by establishing the value of a specific business capability--and that includes such things as quantifying the value of contracting out supply chain logistics or human resources management.
First, there is no method of standardizing and quantifying the skin response.
A provocative article in The New York Review of Books in 1970 had called for quantification as a panacea for a field in methodological confusion;(1) and within a year of Vauchez's study two other major works appeared with the agenda of quantifying not just canonization processes but also the lives of the saints.
Our model provides but 1 approach for estimating foodborne illness and quantifying in estimate uncertainty.