quant fund

Quant fund

A fund that uses quantitative approaches and computer models to make investment decisions as opposed to qualitative approaches like opinion of fund managers.
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Quant Fund

A mutual fund managed by a computer program. Theoretically, a computer program can make investment decisions without emotion or bias; it simply buys and sells the securities according to a pre-determined formula. However, there is no guarantee as to how well designed a quant fund's program is, and it may not be able to adapt its program to changing market conditions. See also: Behavioral finance.
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quant fund

A mutual fund having a stock portfolio that is managed according to decisions made by a computer model. The investment performance of a quant fund is only as good as the computer model that drives the fund's investment decisions.
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"I would love to give up these investment opportunities in a second if people would listen and stop polluting the environment," says David Vogel, founder and chief executive officer of the Florida-based quant fund Voloridge Investment Management LLC.
Arabesque is a specialist ESG Quant fund manager that uses self-learning quantitative models and big data to assess the performance and sustainability of globally listed companies.
Eccles, who is also a non-executive chairman with Arabesque Asset Management, the first environmental, social, and governance (ESG) quant fund, responded, "We use ESG information, and we've got a view on materiality that's sector-based.
She added that EMHPrescient offers their Namibian clients money market fund, income provider funds and the Namibian Equity Active Quant fund. "EMHPrescient is not just for big companies, but we also caters for individuals who want to save," said Allen.
To this, quant fund managers say their model does involve human intelligence and the use of algorithms merely eliminates human error in the process of investment.
A variety of criteria are weighed in making up the portfolio of a quant fund. Schwab has developed a proprietary model used to build many of these funds.
"They were initially approached by one large quant fund in the US which paid them $5K-$10K per month for the data.
The world's largest money management firm, known best for its iShares index funds, announced a major overhaul of its actively managed mutual funds, which includes shifting assets from fundamentally actively managed equity funds into a new Advantage series of quant fund and shifting other actively managed assets into an income series producing higher dividend yields.
Again, looking inside the average is key: Aspect Capital, a systematic diversified futures program, ended the year up almost 8% (this after a 32% gain in 2014), whereas another fund, Cantab Capital Partners' CCP Quant Fund, was down just over 8% in 2015 (although was up 39% in 2014).
Looking at the Cornerstone Mid Cap 30 Fund, a quant fund that follows a rigorous Hennessy process to come up with 30 undervalued stocks with above-average growth potential, he said that the "underlying theme" in 2013 has been "be in the market; the risk is not being in the market."
(Alliance News) - Fund manager Man Group PLC on Wednesday reported a rise in funds under management in the first half, driven by a strong performance by the company's quant funds.