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Quasi-Autonomous Non-Governmental Organization. An organization, which itself is not part of the government, to which the government has given a large degree of power, as a regulator or in another capacity. A prominent example is the Water Services Regulation Authority, which regulates sewage in the UK, among other things. However, it is not part of the government. The term is most common in the British Isles.

quango (quasi-autonomous nongovernmental organization)

an executive body which is responsible for overseeing a designated area of public sector activities and spending.
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Quangos have long been accused of not being accountable enough to the people of Scotland and of being operated often on a "jobs for the boys" basis.
In a speech in the House of Commons during the 1978 summer adjournment debate (1 August), which coincided with the publication the pamphlet, The Quango Explosion, Holland argued that 'a great constitutional change is taking place to concentrate power in the hands of the Executive and its nominees' and that there was a 'rapid spread of bureaucracy by the proliferation of unelected, unrepresentative bodies beyond the reach of Parliament and in many instances not accountable to anyone for the expenditure of large and growing sums of public money'.
Looking at England as a whole, within each region there are clear concentrations of power, postcodes which are clearly more likely to produce the 'great and good' for seats on quango boards.
GORDON Brown is creating NINE new busybody quangos costing pounds 2.
Mr Davies said it would be 'absolute madness' to bring quangos like the Arts Council and Sports Council under direct assembly control.
Radical plans drafted by Finance Minister Jack McConnell will make it easier for ordinary people to replace them on quangos.
But the quango cull is neither about efficiency or even saving money as ministers seem very vague about the finances, despite the job losses involved.
The issue of quangos (quasi autonomous non-governmental organisations) came up as Conwy's full council debated pressures on budgets, reluctantly agreeing a 5% council tax rise.
A quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisation - or quango - is a public body not directly controlled by government.
But they are creating tens of new quangos with their top-down reorganisation of the NHS, whilst those bodies such as One North East, which really did help growth and help create jobs, have no effective replacement and that's why we are still in a double-dip recession.
Sir Eric, as Tory chairman, was in a prime position to recommend which unelected Tory should occupy those Quango seats.