quality function deployment

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quality function deployment (QFD)

the collection and analysis of customers' response data regarding product attributes, quality and performance which may then result in changes in the product's design. Also known as the ‘House of Quality’ and ‘Voice of the Consumer’.
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Quality function deployment and Axiomatic design are the methods/design approaches, which have been widely used in other engineering fields, but also have a big potential in Integrated Building Design process, as it was used only in few cases.
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This study seeks to identify key drivers in effective academic advising within the business administration department at a public university using the quality technique known as Quality Function Deployment (QFD).
Quality function deployment is strong equipment for increasing customer's satisfaction through developing the quality of products and decreasing production time and expenses.
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Among lots of analysis techniques, Quality function deployment (QFD) model is particularly famous for its successful applications of transforming customer satisfaction into design stage.

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