Qualitative analysis

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Qualitative analysis

An analysis of the qualities of a company that cannot be measured concretely, such as management quality or employee morale.
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Qualitative Research

Economic and/or market research into areas not directly related to mathematical data. Qualitative research is based on the assumption that economic actors, being human beings, are susceptible to acting on factors that may not directly correlate with facts. Qualitative research may look into management practices or brand recognition when recommending investment decisions to clients or brokers. See also: Assurance, Panic selling, Quantitative research.
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Qualitative analysis.

When a securities analyst evaluates intangible factors, such as the integrity and experience of a company's management, the positioning of its products and services, or the appeal of its marketing campaign, that seem likely to influence future performance, the approach is described as qualitative analysis.

While this type of evaluation is more subjective than quantitative analysis -- which looks at statistical data -- advocates of this approach believe that success or failure in the corporate world is often driven as much by qualitative factors as by financial data.

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From the qualitative analysis results, various impurities in titanium tetrachloride were determined.
In 2014, Atae Rezaei and Aghdam Mostafa proposed knowledge discovery technique to analyze tourists' profiles where both quantitative and qualitative analysis methods.
We recognize that the automated approach does not replace a manual and in-depth analysis of student essays for a deep understanding of individual student growth; however, from an assessment standpoint, increasing the speed of qualitative analysis allows for more responsive program improvements based on student learning data.
Imperiale and his team of six blend macro/microeconomic, quantitative and qualitative analysis to construct a concentrated (25 to 35 holdings), benchmark-aware portfolio with low turnover.
"OAs are a qualitative analysis of the originator's origination, underwriting and closing practices," explained Carine Kumps-Feniou, a Moody's Assistant Vice President - Analyst and co-author of the report.
In addition, it provides qualitative analysis of ingredients such as vitamin D, methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), hyaluronic acid, collagen and other botanicals positioned for bone and joint health benefits.
Qualitative analysis will include verbatim transcription of the semi-structured interviews, followed by line-by-line data coding.
She applied qualitative analysis to data derived from information logged during the study period, such as verbal comments, gestures, and facial expressions observed during prayer time.
He said: "Investment reviews should consist of both quantitative and qualitative analysis: qualitative analysis would determine, for example, if past performance was perhaps due to a particular fund manager or investment team who have recently left or that future performance may improve because a new manager has recently joined," he said.
DESCRIPTION: This book provides a broad and in-depth theoretical and practical description of the fundamental concepts in understanding biomechanics in the qualitative analysis of human movement.
We conducted a qualitative analysis of media coverage over a 10-year period (1995-2005), examining the main themes/voices in the articles, the framing of article, the discussion of risks or benefits and the assessments of tone.

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