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The investors enters into an Exchange Agreement with the Qualified Intermediary, and assigns the benefits of the contract to the Qualified Intermediary.
After rejecting several properties in its attempt to find suitable like-kind property and with the closing date drawing near, Ocmulgee Fields assigned its rights to sell Wesleyan Station to Security Bank, a qualified intermediary, which in turn sold the property to the trusts.
Assign his or her rights to an underlying real estate sales contract to the qualified intermediary,
Under agency limitations, a qualified intermediary may not be the taxpayer or a related party who falls within the definition of a "disqualified person.
Under the proposed regulations, the foregoing factual situation meets the qualified intermediary requirements.
Our 1031 professionals have years of experience acting as Qualified Intermediary and Qualified Trustee in transactions across the United States involving a wide range of assets, including real estate, oil and gas, aircraft, large construction equipment, railcars, and collectibles such as artwork and cars.
Capacity Building of the National Housing Bank (NHB), Qualified Intermediary Institutions, and Qualified Primary Lending Institutions (QPLIs), and Project Implementation
But the success of a 1031 exchange is largely determined by the integrity and expertise of the Qualified Intermediary.
The licensing requirements also would apply to anyone who maintains an office in California for the purpose of soliciting business as an exchange facilitator or holds out as a qualified intermediary by advertising or soliciting the general public.
financial institution, a qualified intermediary, a withholding foreign partnership or a withholding foreign trust, if the beneficial owner is a direct account holder or a direct beneficiary or owner, as applicable; or
In these exchanges, business or investment property is disposed of through a qualified intermediary, and the proceeds are used to purchase a replacement property of like kind.
His real estate broker recommends engaging a qualified intermediary in a tax-deferred exchange, thereby deferring payment of capital gains taxes.

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