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In view of the above and the fact that PYA of Rs.83.65 billion built in the tariff would tentatively be recovered by December 2018, the Authority has decided to retain the said amount of Rs.83.65 billion in the instant tariff as part of reference fuel cost, instead of PYA / write-offs, in order to minimize the future impact of positive monthly FCAs, if any.
Table 5: Survey Responses to the Acceptance Question by Country (%) DNA PNA PYA DYA No.
While PYA also has to answer to the "tyranny of the title" to some degree, their business model gives them more freedom in curating the catalog than another licensor might have.
Apparently, production of the PYa has been limited, as only elite units of the Russian army and police have received them.
"Placebo forecast" means a simple, naive, essentially no-cost forecast based on historical demand (such as LPA, MA, or PYA).
Sysco dominates the national scene followed at a distance by Rykoff-Sexton, Alliant and PYA Monarch, the only other true large broad-line players, while the balance of the industry is served by smaller, more localized companies often more or less united under the banner of cooperative buying groups.
The Progressive Youth Alliance (PYA), a student and youth organisation, organised the convention at Bakhtiar Labour Hall, which was earlier planned at Aiwan-i-Iqbal but the district administration cancelled the no-objection certificate (NOC).
LAHORE -- The Progressive Youth Alliance (PYA) held its second annual convention titled 'Economic, Social Cultural Changes and the Problems Faced by Youth' at Bakhtikhar Labour Hall on Saturday.
After the conclusion of the hearing, an official said the additional impact of the prior year adjustment (PYA) for FY18 taking PPP difference into consideration was coming out of the rising net hydel profit to the provinces.
The demonstration was organised by the Progressive Youth Alliance (PYA) outside the Lahore Press Club on Monday.