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Cricket Australia, meanwhile, have put back the start of the first Test against South Africa by five days to December 17.
A colleague of mine in Umm Suqueim found two or three baby house sparrows that had fallen out of the nests at his villa which he put back but they kept coming out weren't so lucky," said Milner.
He said he believed the council had put back the decision to avoid a possible backlash at the polls if the school was closed, adding: "The council is just trying to get the local elections out of the way before they make their decision.
In 2002, an additional nine million s/f were put back.
A magnificent image of a Bodhisattva, that had survived the Civil War and which the museum put back on show in 2000, fell victim to the Taliban hardening in attitude and now stands as a shattered hulk -- smashed in 2001.
The court's ruling will ensure that New England's beleaguered groundfish are put back on track towards sustainability.
Congress needs to put back some of the cut funds to prevent "an acute care crisis.
They are designed such that if a surgeon tries a prosthesis and finds he has the wrong length, it can be cleaned, put back into the kit and resterilized with steam or ETO.
This time I am pleased to announce that the canned music has been put back in the can, and a group of musicians called the New York Metamorphoses Orchestra has been put in City Center's pit.
Recycling is good, but not when the trash gets put back into communities of color," says Loyal "When you recycle, you need to know where that trash is going.
The low-cholesterol fraction is then put back into the milk, which can be used in such products as butter, ice cream, cheese and yogurt.
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