push strategy

‘push’ strategy

a manufacturing and marketing approach which emphasizes ‘pushing’ a firm's products into wholesale and retail outlets using trade promotions (PROMOTIONAL ALLOWANCES etc.) to persuade WHOLESALERS and RETAILERS to stock and promote a product.

In practice, SALES PROMOTION campaigns usually use consumer promotions and ADVERTISING as well, in order to encourage consumers to demand the product and to ‘pull’ it through the distribution system. See ‘PULL STRATEGY.

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The suppliers in our sample emphasized the benefits of the push strategy, including the opportunities it can provide to generate future business with higher margins, to improve their reputation, and to strengthen their position in negotiations with buyers.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Feb 23 (ANI-NewsVoir): REHAU India, a leading system and service provider for polymer-based solutions in windows, furniture and building industry, on Friday announced a retail push strategy to bring good living to Indian homes and strenghten its India commitment.
It clarified that the new transaction concluded by SACE under its Push Strategy, the new proactive approach introduced with the 2016-2020 business plan, which strives to facilitate and strengthen the competitiveness of Italian exports among selected foreign buyers.
Our core belief is to provide our customer with an innovative financial solution instead of simply providing a product push strategy aimed at filling gaps in the market be it in terms of segments or product variants.
The focus has transitioned from a push strategy - where organisations create products and then market and promote them to get people to buy - to a pull strategy, where the idea is to motivate and draw customers to seek out a product willingly.
The double push strategy of knowledge for product design is proposed which aims to assist designers in innovative behavior and design process rather than automation of innovative design.
The ultimate aim is to make every party focus on the Company's long-term development in order to help push strategy implementation forward.
Speaking to Gulf News ahead of Dubai International's 55th anniversary on September 30, Paul Griffiths said there is already a "push strategy and pull strategy" towards Al Maktoum International in the emirate's south.
That's when it becomes a push strategy.We have a network of over 6,000 bank branches but we do not expect them to sell insurance every day.