purpose loan

Purpose loan

A loan that is backed by securities and that is used to buy other securities under certain government regulations.

Purpose Loan

A loan with securities pledged as collateral in which the proceeds from the loan are used to buy other securities. See also: Margin loan.

purpose loan

A loan using securities as collateral with proceeds from the loan being used to purchase additional securities. Compare nonpurpose loan.
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The contract is the choice provider of long-term purpose loan in the amount of 400 000 EUR for the realization of investment projects Vrbove.
He said for this purpose loan should be provided to them both by the government and banks.
Another amount of Rs 8,235,075 paid for general purpose loan.
Some uses for a non purpose loan include: Financing real estate opportunities; Paying your taxes; Refinancing high interest non-purpose debt; Financing business opportunities; Funding higher education; Buying a luxury item
The general purpose loan has attracted international attention and is the first to be raised by a public sector corporate borrower.
3 million municipal purpose loan of 2008 bonds, series A, and $1.
3 million GO municipal purpose loan of 2011, series A, 'AA-';
2 million GO bonds, municipal purpose loan of 2010.
NEW YORK -- Fitch Ratings assigns an 'A' rating to the city of Worcester, Massachusetts' $38 million general obligation (GO) municipal purpose loan of 2009 bonds.
We invite consumers to use our any purpose loan application service for free.
Clinton (MA), $5,584,000 general obligation state qualified municipal purpose loan series 2009
Sutton (MA), $2,264,383 general obligation municipal purpose loan bonds, series 2009