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Pure play

A company involved in only one line of business.
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Pure Play

A company that works exclusively in a single industry. A pure play company can carry higher risks than diversified companies, but some, especially start-ups, can only afford to be pure plays for the first few years of operation. On the other hand, if a pure play's products are successful in its industry over a long period of time, it may be a stable investment.
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pure play

An investment that is concentrated in a particular industry or operation. An investor who believes that snowmobiles are the wave of the future will search for a pure play in snowmobiles. In other words, the investor seeks out a company that does nothing other than manufacture and sell snowmobiles. Likewise, Maytag Corporation is more of a pure play in household appliances than is General Electric, even though General Electric has a larger share of the appliance market than Maytag. Reason: General Electric generates much of its revenues from its other operations.
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Amazon, the behemoth of all virtual pure plays, is also getting physical.
According to Yatera, the virtual numbers market is fragmented, with many pure plays and few operators.
aACoeThe multiple mobile identities market is characterised by many different pure plays, but no one has succeeded in standing out from the crowd, and operators have started offering services that address the problems that increasingly lead mobile phone users to adopt multiple mobile identities,aACA[yen] he noted.
Peter Barrett, managing director of Goldfish, said: 'Pure play e-tailers have been feeling the pinch and the Goldfish ePI suggest they have tried to make up ground by charging customers more over the all-important Christmas season.
'We expect to see prices settle during 2001 as markets become increasingly dominated by larger e-tailers - whether pure play or clicks and mortar.
More cautious about overextending themselves with costly advertising campaigns, some pure plays are exploring other ways of building their brands.
KozyHome and several other pure plays are exploring the possibility of adding distribution channels, including direct mail and brick-and-mortar stores.
Soaring acquisition costs of $50 to $100 a customer, generated by the difficulty of building virtual brands without stores or catalogs, put pure plays in a deep hole.
For most pure plays, these challenges will be impossible.
The "textbook" pure-play approach described above excludes conglomerates from the set of potential pure plays. Conglomerates can be large firms that account for a significant market share in a particular business segment.
Of the 66 industries represented in the sample, seven industries have fewer than five pure plays. Statistics are not computed for these industries.
Most have not yet figured out how to compete with online pure plays while simultaneously growing--or at a minimum, maintaining--the profitability of their physical stores.