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To take ownership of some asset in exchange for some monetary remuneration. Buying may take any of several forms. In a cash purchase, the buyer gives cash or a cash equivalent immediately in exchange for the asset. In a credit sale, the buyer takes ownership immediately in exchange for future payment, often with interest. An example of buying is a simple transaction involving widgets. If the buyer is willing to pay $2 per widget and the seller wishes to sell 100 widgets, then the seller gives to the buyer 100 widgets and, in their place, receives $200. See also: Sale.
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the business function which is involved in procuring raw materials, components, finished goods and capital equipment, ordering and acquiring supplies of these items at competitive prices. Purchasing is charged with the task of maintaining adequate STOCKS of raw materials, components or finished goods, and placing orders to top up stocks as necessary. This involves seeking out and evaluating suppliers in terms of the quality of their offerings, reliability, delivery times and after-sales service, as well as prices. For standard commodities, industrial buyers will generally buy largely on price, seeking quotations or tenders from suppliers. The buyer can choose to place large orders with just one or two suppliers to secure BULK-BUYING price discounts or he or she may choose to spread orders among several suppliers to diversify supplies and avoid the risk of disruption to production if a single supplier defaults. Finally, industrial buyers need to keep up to date with materials and product prices and new materials becoming available in order to provide intelligence to production and marketing colleagues. See BUYING PROCESS, BUYING CENTRE, MATERIALS MANAGEMENT, JUST IN TIME (JIT) SYSTEM, APPROVED SUPPLIER, NATIONAL ACCOUNT, DECENTRALIZED PURCHASING, SOURCING. See also FOUR O'S OF PURCHASING.
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* It appears, from the accounts of subsequent voyagers, that Tamaahmaah afterwards succeeded in his wish of purchasing a large ship.
But there were good reasons for purchasing Dorlcote Mill, quite apart from any benevolent vengeance on the miller.
Never before had Adrienne seen a fabric as beautiful as our own, and, as I afterwards discovered, she was laying by a few francs with the intention of purchasing the piece, and of working and ornamenting the handkerchiefs, in order to present them to her benefactress, the dauphine.
It is true that Marmaduke, by thus purchasing estates that had been wrested by violence from others, rendered himself obnoxious to the censures of that Sect which, at the same time that it discards its children from a full participation in the family union, seems ever unwilling to abandon them entirely to the world.
The painters we throve by had died long enough ago for pedigrees to get confused, and identities disputable; and if I had been desirous of really purchasing a genuine Old Master for myself--speaking as a practical man--I don't know where I should have gone to ask for one, or whose judgment I could have safely relied on to guard me from being cheated, before I bought it.
Jos's position in life was not grand enough to entitle him to a house in Moira Place, where none can live but retired Members of Council, and partners of Indian firms (who break, after having settled a hundred thousand pounds on their wives, and retire into comparative penury to a country place and four thousand a year); he engaged a comfortable house of a second- or third-rate order in Gillespie Street, purchasing the carpets, costly mirrors, and handsome and appropriate planned furniture by Seddons from the assignees of Mr.

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