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Buy; be long; have an ownership position.


To take ownership of some asset in exchange for some monetary remuneration. Buying may take any of several forms. In a cash purchase, the buyer gives cash or a cash equivalent immediately in exchange for the asset. In a credit sale, the buyer takes ownership immediately in exchange for future payment, often with interest. An example of buying is a simple transaction involving widgets. If the buyer is willing to pay $2 per widget and the seller wishes to sell 100 widgets, then the seller gives to the buyer 100 widgets and, in their place, receives $200. See also: Sale.
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Insisting on purchase orders (POs) may not be immediately practical in every organization, but those that have adopted it have been able to reap tremendous benefits in AP and in purchasing.
which sets up companies to accept Visa and Mastercard purchases.
In 2002, it launched Penn Marketplace, an online shopping site that ensures users purchase within Penn contracts.
It's not too difficult to recall those days when purchase orders were handwritten or typed on carbon copies, stored in loose-leaf binders and sent to vendors via mail.
Targeting large manufacturers to green up their product lines is a tactic that can work side-by-side with encouraging purchases from the smaller companies.
Disproportionate ownership of stock will make use of insurance proceeds to fund stock purchases even more complicated.
At bankruptcy auctions your clients can purchase anything from small fixtures and fittings-the hard assets of a restaurant for example-to entire companies and large pieces of real estate.
Interstate firearms traffickers frequently use two methods to obtain firearms: falsification of the ATF Firearms Transaction Record at the time of the firearm purchase or the use of a straw purchaser, an individual who purchases a firearm and completes the required paperwork for the purpose of concealing the true identity of the intended receiver of the firearm.
To accommodate plastic, companies have had to relax some of the traditional purchasing controls, drawing criticism from accounting departments and from those responsible for ensuring that company purchases are made from a select group of "preferred" suppliers.
businesses are expanding rapidly the use of "corporate procurement cards" or "procurement cards" in purchasing goods and services for their own use and consumption Procurement card programs can be effective in reducing substantially the costs associated with such purchases when compared to traditional purchasing practices.
Two government-sponsored enterprises dominate secondary market purchases in conventional mortgage loans--the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac ).

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