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Buy; be long; have an ownership position.


To take ownership of some asset in exchange for some monetary remuneration. Buying may take any of several forms. In a cash purchase, the buyer gives cash or a cash equivalent immediately in exchange for the asset. In a credit sale, the buyer takes ownership immediately in exchange for future payment, often with interest. An example of buying is a simple transaction involving widgets. If the buyer is willing to pay $2 per widget and the seller wishes to sell 100 widgets, then the seller gives to the buyer 100 widgets and, in their place, receives $200. See also: Sale.
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It unsuccessfully argued that the residence was first sold to the employer, then sold by the employer to the third-party purchaser.
To ensure the availability of the rule for subsequent resales by initial investors, the issuing company must provide to proposed secondary market purchasers, on request, certain narrative and financial disclosure about itself (essentially, a very brief description of its business and its most recent financial statements, which may be statutory-basis rather than based on generally accepted accounting principles, or GAAP).
In addition, for those purchasers who are financing their new apartment, commitment letters and interest rates can expire if there are delays in the closing date.
In this article we will discuss one of the most important issues facing a purchaser when acquiring a competitor's entire business--avoiding the inadvertent assumption of the seller's liabilities.
Income and gains arising from dispositions of excluded property other than foreign affiliate shares to specified purchasers will be suspended (not included in exempt or taxable earnings of an affiliate) until the property is no longer owned by the specified purchaser or the purchaser ceases to meet the definition of specified purchaser.
But if she wants to offer a partial defense of consumerism, then it's important to suggest a way of drawing the conceptual line between the citizen variety she likes and the purchaser variety she doesn't.
Potential purchasers seek break-up fees to protect them from the time and cost involved in conducting due diligence and drafting the agreement.
A second potential purchaser is an independent 501(c)(3) organization that has been approved by the IRS to purchase ALFs or has applied to be so approved.
Firearm serial numbers enable law enforcement officers to trace firearms to purchasers.
Casting purchasers are the sort likely regarded with lukewarm feelings by foundrymen, who feel the price pressure even as they read about their customer's profits in the newspaper business sections.

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