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A purchase option has been exercised by Seadrill Limited for an ultra-deepwater drilling unit, the "West Polaris", Ship Finance International Limited announced.
Minera Hill"), have entered into a Purchase Option Agreement dated April 9, 2013 with certain subsidiaries of Teck Resources Limited ("Teck") pursuant to which Catalyst has an option to indirectly acquire Teck's interest in the La Verde property (the "Purchase Option"), subject to TSX-V approval.
There is no monthly rental fee with the equipment purchase option.
Real Estate and building purchase option is available at $1,250,000.
AUL) has added a survivor purchase option to its whole life policies.
HMI also signed a 15-year building lease with R and M, which included a purchase option.
We've found that in most cases, the fuel purchase option is much more expensive than purchasing fuel on your own," says McGee.
Newhall Land withdrew its purchase option on the Rutherford Ranch property Sept.
The Institute stated that the new requirement that the leased property be returned to the lessor and redelivered to the reserve when the purchase option is exercised is unrealistic and administratively unworkable.
This month's column continues with an explanation of a capital lease that includes a bargain purchase option.
50 per warrant and of a purchase option to purchase 500,000 units at a price of $500,000, generating total proceeds of $2,900,000.