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Why just apostrophe, almost every punctuation mark is receiving the cold shoulder from a generation that finds no difference between a dash and a hyphen, or would care less if told that colon has another meaning apart from being a part of the anatomy.
If you can not keep it straight, then "you're probably bothering people with your poor punctuation."
Girls outperform boys at the expected standard in reading, grammar, punctuation and spelling and writing, with 57% of girls achieving the expected standard in all of reading, writing and mathematics compared to 50% of boys.
In most instances, before the introduction of house styles in nineteenth and twentieth centuries, she notes, "authors were encouraged to leave punctuation to printers" (15).
But he then also did a bit of funky analysis to show how different authors not only have different relationships with words, but used punctuation differently too.
Professor David Crystal, author of The Story of English in 100 Words and The Singular History of English Spelling, a distinguished linguist and scholar awarded the Order of the British Empire for services to the English language, sets out in Making a Point to trace the development of English punctuation from its beginnings to the present, from Anglo-Saxon manuscripts with no word spacings and minimal punctuation to Gertrude Stein (and again, minimal punctuation).
A follow-up study went on to prove that exclamation points, by comparison, are perceived as a more sincere form of punctuation.