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The four horses, under the urge of the drivers, pressed lazily into their collars and began pulling.
I was out with a young lady - cousin on my mother's side - and we were pulling down to Goring.
I still went on pulling, however, and still no lock came in sight, and the river grew more and more gloomy and mysterious under the gathering shadows of night, and things seemed to be getting weird and uncanny.
"To the stables!" he said, and was just pulling out the letters to read them through, but he thought better of it, and put off reading them so as not to distract his attention before looking at the mare.
He bested his own world record in 2007 pulling two coaches and a carriage wagon weighing a total of 297.1 tonnes, and dedicated his feat to the people of Malaysia.
A pulling belt 3580 for self-propelled pulling the tsl-2.
Hair pulling often involves one or more body areas and may take place for consecutive hours or shorter intervals that appear throughout the day.
Oil pulling is a traditional Indian folk remedy meant to improve oral hygiene and remove toxins from the body.
Summary: Passenger car breaks new world record for pulling commercial plane weighing 130 tonnes
Tractor pull to defy the elements A TRACTOR pulling event that was rained off last weekend has been rearranged for later this month.
In one of his most recent videos, he films himself pulling a wheelbarrow, several knives, a number of large gardening tools and two bikes out of the canal in Failsworth, in just one session.
on Monday after two days of slowly pulling it back to deeper waters.