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According to internal notes accessed by M AIL T ODAY , written orders were sent to Prasad that he should join Bern on December 3 as the new ambassador, but Narayanan pulled strings to secure yet another extension, this time for a year.
For too long in Pakistan's history, the military and its intelligence agencies have pulled strings from hidden corners.
Celeb guests include Ashleigh and Pudsey (yay), the Made In Chelsea gang (because Prof Gr has probably pulled strings with Millie).
A Sunday newspaper's allegations of a ticket scandal involving 27 Olympic officials and agents included the claims that Capralos, the president of the Hellenic Olympic Committee (HOC), has been caught on camera boasting he had "pulled strings" with London 2012 chairman Sebastian Coe to allocate his country more top tickets to the Games that he could sell on for a profit.
He was finally freed in June after his brother, a judge in Libya, pulled strings with one of Gaddafi's senior officers.

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