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Between now and the end of September, he expects to see a pullback between 5% and 8%.
The use of manual scheduling systems increases the risk for outages and pullbacks which greatly decreases the overall value of the products.
(k) We may now deduce that a morphism B [right arrow] [A.sub.1] [??] [A.sub.2] belongs to D iff its pullbacks along both the coprojections do so.
implies that (2) is a weak pullback. We obtain the expected result by applying the Join Theorem to the weak pullbacks (1) and (2).
Several of Michels veteran personnel brain stormed, designed and fabricated a deadman system to handle the anticipated loads expected during pullback. The hole-intersect went off without a hitch and reaming operations progressed ahead of schedule."
Mears and UTEC also worked on pullback procedures to minimize any effect on the surrounding seagrass.
Reaching a point during product pullback where the pulling forces required to pull in the pipe exceed maximum capability (a condition often referred to as hydrolock) is one potential problem.
"We piloted through to the exit location, added a 20-inch hole opener and hooked onto the 12-inch casing and began the final pullback."
Among the larger equipment items was a custom built HDI directional drilling rig with a rated pullback of 500,000 pounds, that was set up on the west bank of the river.
"After recommending a defensive posture in recent weeks, we believe the pullback now presents investors with an attractive opportunity to add to stock market exposure.
On theoretical grounds, one could argue either that a pullback in credit leads to lower spending and thus to a recession or that recessions produce a deterioration in credit quality that causes banks to be less willing to make further extensions of credit.
In order to complete the 3.454-foot bore and pullback. the contractor would need to be well-versed in technically challenging horizontal directional drills (HDD) using intersect technology.