pull strategy

‘pull’ strategy

a manufacturing and marketing approach which emphasizes ‘pulling’ products through the DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS by spending on ADVERTISING and consumer promotions (free samples etc.) to increase the final demand for the products, so that consumers' demand encourages wholesalers and retailers to stock it.

In practice, SALES PROMOTIONS campaigns usually use trade promotions as well to encourage wholesalers and retailers to ‘push’ the product. See ‘PUSH’ STRATEGY.

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The focus has transitioned from a push strategy - where organisations create products and then market and promote them to get people to buy - to a pull strategy, where the idea is to motivate and draw customers to seek out a product willingly.
But by creating a pull strategy coupled with our packaging and kitting capabilities, we have what we believe is the best system out there from a pure VMI standpoint.
The Push and Pull strategy is the key for sustainable transport development, and if followed may have significant influence on modal split.
We were innovators of marketing practices and early adopters of the pull strategy.
In such cases, a pull strategy is better designed the market segment's characteristics, by inviting the patients and their families to "come out of the closet", visit their physician, undergo new diagnostic tests, try new and effective medicines, and also be further trained for increased adherence to prescribed treatment, increased self-diagnosis of disease relapses, treatment discontinuation upon side effect manifestation and more.
Marketing is required to be shifted from push to pull strategy where customers are driven towards the bank based on product offering and services with each customers acting as an influencer in their own right to promote the bank through word of mouth.
In effect, for retailers who carry them, products that are associated with well-known celebrities deliver the pull strategy that all brands promise.
Lacher was more open with Allstate's investors, explaining that Esurance would ultimately be managed through a pull strategy.
The push and pull strategy may also determine the strength of an individual brand.
A new work distribution tool helped manage work volume, converting from a pull strategy, where employees query available work and claim it, to a push approach, where "all work is compiled into a single inventory, which is then prioritized and distributed to financial aid processors," says Nylund.
The government should now stop adopting pull strategy and find its own way to come up as a self-reliant nation, he emphasized.
It is important to wisely choose its location in order to gain benefits from both push and pull strategy.
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