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* A hole drilled in the center where each feather socket is mounted is where you will drop the piece of light pull chain through that is attached to the bottom of your roach feathers.
The common brass shell lamp socket (key or pull chain) is used on most lamps.
Founder Harvey Hubbell created early patents for the pull chain lamp socket and separable plug and receptacle, which pushed his company into an era of creat ivity; inventing new ways to serve its growing customer base of businesses, manufacturers, utilities and homeowners.
With a carved leaf pull chain for accent, these lamps will offer woodland inspiration all year long.
The system may be equipped with manual pull chain, electric motor or air operation functionality.
Another reader speculated that it might be a pull chain handle for an overhead lavatory gravity tank - however, we've been unable to verify that.
Many faithfully reproduced traditional suites feature high-level cisterns complete with a pull chain or rod flush.