public sector debt repayment

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public sector debt repayment (PSDR)

the excess of TAXATION receipts over GOVERNMENT EXPENDITURE, enabling the government to use the difference to repay past borrowings. BUDGET SURPLUSES are used as an instrument of FISCAL POLICY as a means of decreasing total spending (AGGREGATE DEMAND) in the economy. See PUBLIC-SECTOR BORROWING REQUIREMENT (PSBR) for further discussion of how fluctuations in economic activity levels and inflation rates affect the government's budgetary position. See BUDGET ( GOVERNMENT), NATIONAL DEBT.
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Public sector debt repayment has been estimated at $14.5 billion for this fiscal year.
iii) Public sector debt repayment is put at 7 billion [pounds] (1 1/4 per cent of GDP) in
The Public Sector Debt Repayment in the financial year ending in March 1990 was considerably lower than projected a year ago, reflecting, among other things, overspending by local authorities; economic activity appears to have been broadly in line with expectations.

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