public sector

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public sector


government sector

that part of the economy concerned with the transactions of the government. Government receives income from TAXATION and other receipts and influences the workings of the economy through its own spending and investment decisions ( GOVERNMENT EXPENDITURE) and through its control (via MONETARY POLICY and FISCAL POLICY) of the spending and investment decisions of other sectors of the economy. The public sector together with the PERSONAL SECTOR, FINANCIAL SECTOR, CORPORATE SECTOR and FOREIGN SECTOR make up the national economy. See CIRCULAR FLOW OF NATIONAL INCOME MODEL.

public sector

That portion of the economy consisting of the government and corporations owned by the government. Contrast with private sector.

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Development of recommendations on improvement and application of a uniform chart of accounts in the public sector.
Emphasizing the need for improving productivity both in our public and private sector, Dr Singh said: "For public sector enterprises to survive in increasingly competitive, they must make use of new technology and pay attention to improving corporate governance.
It is essential for public sector organisations to use ICT to support processes within the government for the delivery of services to its customers.
Making a difference: Working for the public sector gives you the chance get away from a profit-hungry organisation, and to do work that makes a difference to the community.
This growing problem is undermining promised public sector efficiency gains.
Pretty much any job you'd want to do and there's an opportunity to do it in the public sector.
While most of health care is about helping others, public sector health executives often find they have job descriptions that center on making the world a better place for everyone.
With government funding from the United Kingdom, the division has completed two research studies: Personnel Records: A Strategic Resource for Public Sector Management, and Public Sector Management: The Management of Financial Records in sub-Saharan Africa.
23) Ikram contends that the transition to the public sector took place between 1954 and the early 1960s.
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